Samaritan's Purse.

If I could only recommend one charity this Christmas season, it would have to be Samaritan's Purse.  Many people are familiar with Samaritan's Purse's Operation Christmas Child program which I love dearly, but it's not my favorite.

My absolute favorite is their gift catalog.   Within it's pages are dozen of ways to help adults and children around the world.  It shows you how a small gift, just $5, will provide a child with a week's worth of milk.  Or, how a large gift, $15,000, will build a school in an impoverished country.  I love the reminder that every little bit helps, and that with large gifts (or lots of small gifts), big goals can be achieved.  And isn't that the message of Christmas- that a newborn, the smallest of humanity, with the eternal love of God, could save a dying world.

If you have a minute, look at the catalog.  I'm sure as you go through the pages, you'll find the perfect gift to represent your child or loved one .  Carson would love the sports equipment (an $8 donation- page 10) so I might give with him in mind.   On page 25, I think of Chloe and Camilla and their LOVE of fruit.  A $45 donation would provide 30 seedlings for a community.  Tony and I share a common heart for children who have been exploited.  A $75 donation could give a child a chance.   Just $9 feeds a baby, like my Coralynn Mae, for a week. 

Thank you to the many people who are choosing to give this holiday season.  None of us could possibly give by ourselves what we are doing together.


This is neat! I was just printing out our first OCC labels for the first boxes we've ever sent. The kids are very excited. SP has a great reputation and is very active all over the world. We are actually going with their Post-Residency Program for 2 years to a mission hospital. Yep, that's in the catalog too. :o) Another great one is Compassion International. I've seen it in action in Asia and it's really meeting the needs of children and families through local churches.
panaMOM said…
I wondered if y'all were going with SP. Compassion International is great, too, and also highly rated.

OCC boxes used to be my FAVORITE part of the holiday season. Have you seen the "Give this Christmas away" video?

LOVE it.

Maybe I'll go find it and share.
Nancy said…
I love that you are doing this! I need to go through the SP catalog. We've been planning to give a gift of livestock this year. It just seems such a fitting gift for our family. Our kids are really excited about the idea.
Lisa, thank you so much for telling people about the SP Catalog. How neat to find that you know some of our post residents with World Medical Mission.
panaMOM said…
It's my pleasure to share the catalog and to know Brett and Meghan!

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