Consignment Shopping!

Yes, there is a consignment store in Panama!  Since going with a friend three weeks ago, I've been back 2 times.  It is so much fun.  I went today with a friend who was looking for a dress for our husbands' company Christmas gala.  She found 4!  And today, the owner was marking tons of stuff half off!  Here are my finds from today:

Ann Taylor LOFT white denim jacket- $4.00
(Around $70 new)

Necklace- $8.00
(I have no idea the brand, but I love it!)

Ruby Rox dress- $15.00
(Around $40 new.)

Ann Taylor NWT neckalce- $6.00
(Around $80 new.)

Big Buddha Silver Handbag- $25.00
(Around $100 new.)

It was a great morning with lots of great finds.  And I had a wonderful time with a new friend!  I am blessed!


Anonymous said…
Love the bag!
Nancy said…
I love that bag!!
Anonymous said…
Wow -I live in Panama and would love to know where that consignment store is. Downtown I'm guessing? Anyway, if you get a chance and don't mind giving the location I would love to do some consignment shopping here. Sounds like you had a great time -Good for you!
Ruth H.
panaMOM said…
Hi Ruth! It's on Calle 74 off of Calle 50. Hope that helps!! (and part of the purchase price goes to local charities!)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info - I will definitely check that place out. Looks like you bought some great stuff!
Ruth H.

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