The Multi-Faceted Gift.

If you were to ask me what I'm most thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday, it would be my wonderful, healthy family.  I am so grateful for my 4 beautiful children.  So thankful for their lives and their health.  With a friend's son being diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago, I'm more aware of what a gift health is.  It is with that in mind that I recommend the next charity of the month: CaringBridge

If you aren't familiar with CaringBridge, it is a website that allows families of those suffering from illnesses to post about how their loved ones are doing.  This gives families the opportunity to only tell the information once, but for many to follow the situation.  It is a lifeline to the "outside" for those in the depth of medical treatments.  You can give a tribute donation in the name of an individual member, or you can give to the site as a whole.

The blessing of CaringBridge is that you can give more than money.  I am not unaware that some of my readers are simply not able to give financially this season, but please know that you can still join us in giving.  There are many, many CaringBridge sites of adults and children in need of our prayers.  Even if you can't give financially, I ask that you join us in prayers for these families.  In case you don't know anyone at CaringBridge, I'd love to share with you some of the people I have the privelege of lifting up in prayer.  (I do not know any of these people personally, but I've been following them for a few years.)

Kate:  A sweet first grader who has been battling brain cancer.

Will:  An Auburn University graduate fighting a cancer recurrence.

Jack:  Jack lost his battle with cancer just a month short of his 10th birthday.  His family needs your prayers this, their first holiday season without him.

Do you follow a CaringBridge adult or child who needs our prayer?  Please, leave a comment so we can all join you in prayer.


Heather said…
Tyler- a first grade little boy with fanconi anemia

Becky- a young mother of 5 children who lost her fight with lung cancer in August. I pray an ache for her family daily as they go through this holiday season without her.
panaMOM said…
I've prayed for these families.
Nora said…
When my mom was terminally ill she used CaringBridge to keep people updated about her world. My brother and sister-in-law also used it to keep people updated about the lives of their beautiful baby girl who has had such a struggle since she was born in May.

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