The Persecuted Church.

We're doing something a little different during the rest of November's Wednesday.  I asked my family to skip Christmas presents for my family this year and instead give to a charity or family in need.  For the rest of the Wednesdays in November, I'm going to highlight some potential places to give this holiday season.  Hopefully, you feel led to give to one of them.  Or you'll be moved to give to your favorite charity.  Or you'll pray for these people and their needs.

Last Sunday at church, we had a special "Persecuted Church" service.  It struck me deeply.  Our pastor shared a few videos that I wanted you to see, too.

We also watched one about a woman named, Helen, who was imprisioned in Eritrea.  This video particularly touched me because I had friends who were missionaries in that country before having to leave for security reasons.    Also, please be in prayer for M!@ family who is headed to another of the persecuted nations.

Finally, we talked about the need for Bibles in the people in the persecuted church.  Listen to Pastor Dave's experience.

If you'd like to donate financially to provide Bibles and other support to the persecuted church, visit Open Doors.    The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is November 13.  Please consider joining in this time of prayer for those "who share our faith, but not our freedom."


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