Funsy Friday!

About a month ago, the kids had a day off from school.  My helper came that day, and the big kids and I decided to have a fun day.  To be perfectly honest, I'm not one of those fun parents who creates activities to entertain their children.  My theory is I gave the kids siblings.  What more do they need?  But, Chloe had a coupon, and I had someone to stay with Terror Bits so we headed to the pottery studio.

The kids and I each selected what we wanted to paint and the colors we wanted to use.  We painted for almost 90 minutes.  I was so impressed with how diligently and patiently they worked on their creations.  I was also quite thankful that I brought snacks with us!

Carson, who is quickly becoming the sentimental one, painted a jet ski "like Uncle Tim took [him] on."

Chloe, the gift giver, painted this statue of a fairy sitting on the moon with the idea of giving it to her teacher for her birthday.  She ended up keeping this because she created something else for Miss S.

Camilla, who loves containers of all kinds, painted this 2-piece flower purse.  (I love her smile and excitement!)

I painted a plate because I always think I'm creative.  It was a lot harder to make dots than I thought it would be.  Isn't that a statement on my artistic ability!

The kids were thrilled with their completed (pre-fired) artwork.  We picked up the fired pieces a week later, and I couldn't believe how well they turned out! 


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