Funsy Friday- Part 2!

Yesterday, the kids and Tony had the day off because of a Panamanian holiday.  We took the opportunity to put up the Christmas decorations.  Before Thanksgiving?  Yes.  Do I normally do that?  No.  I'm not a big fan of the clutter and loudness of Christmas decorations so I generally wait until the beginning of December; however, I decided to do it early this year. 

In my psyche, Christmas is triggered by the cooling of the earth as late fall turns into early winter.  Umm.  It's 90 here. Always.  So, I have the evergreen candles burning, the Christmas music playing... wait, I don't have the music going.  I HATE Christmas music.  Nails on a chalkboard...., and the decorations are up.

Our Christmas tree always has a color theme.  (I am just beginning to realize how much I organize my life!  You would have thought the C-names that were consecutively longer would have given it away!)  This is our first year with blue and silver- not my favorite color combination.  I was pleased with how the tree turned out.  (My photography skills need some serious help.)  It did kind of look like we were honoring our alma mater, Eastern Illinois University, but I'm pleased. 

The kids' little trees, with their technocolor multi-colored lights, are adorned with the treasury of ornaments they have created over the years.  And happily stored in their rooms for their sweet little eyes to see and out of my sight!

Not only is this my first tropical Christmas, it's my first Christmas without a fireplace or fireplace mantle.  I'm struggling with it.  Surprised me, too!  We finally settled on putting the kids stockings, my favorite Christmas decoration, on the hutch.  It's not the perfect solution, but they are up and visible.  I pray that 30 years from now, I can show my grandkids those beautiful stockings with their mom's or dad's name on it.

Happy Veterans Day.  And Merry Christmas.


lizbeth321 said…
Beautiful in picture and sentiment! Although, a little "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" would be so complementary to your motif! ;-)
panaMOM said…
No!! No to Christmas music!!
lizbeth321 said…
Okay, fine! I will enjoy enough for both of us. Oooo, I need to change my regular ringtones to the Christmas ones. How exciting!!
Why are you putting up Christmas stuff? Does Panama celebrate early? I thought the stores here were bad about Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving! :o)
panaMOM said…
I just want to have plenty of time for it to "feel" Christmasy.

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