Money Monday!

I have no Cyber Monday deals to tell you about.  I have no amazing Black Friday purchases to share with you.

Thanksgiving Thursday allowed me the humbling opportunity to be used by the Lord.  A friend discovered the baby she was carrying had already been welcomed into eternity.  Her baby was the same age mine was when he left this life.  Tony and I were able to share with she and her husband our experiences with that pain.  I was reminded of three years (and a month) ago when people were ministering to us.

People we barely knew were there to love on us.  To share their stories with us.  To let us know that we weren't alone.  Their love filled the empty so present during those days.  I can't begin to tell you how their kindness affected us.  We still tell the stories of the love we were shown.

I'm so thankful how the Lord is clearly bringing peace into our friends' lives.  He's allowing them the opportunity to hurt and feel, but to know that He is there in it all.  The peace that passes all understanding is so real.  So present.   It's priceless- far greater in value than anything you'll find online today.


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