Weekly 7!

Since it is Wednesday, it's time for our midweek praise-a-thon!!

~Was able to get a lot of grocery shopping and budgeting done over the weekend!

~It rained all day Saturday.  All day.  We don't need the rain, but I love a rainy day.  I really love a rainy day on a weekend.  It's permission to sit inside and play all day.

~Family Fun Night!  The 6 of us had a great time playing Phase 10 (well, until some of us got a little grumpy because we were losing. We won't say whom because we don't want to embarrass Tony.)

~We were able to buy Coralynn a swing/slide playset.  She loved sliding on the big playsets at the church in Georgia so we thought this would be a nice distraction during the first few days of the siblings being at school.

~Sunday, I had kind of a yuck morning at church.  The message was great- as always- but I received some negative feedback from a negative person and it kind of brought my day down.  But God, (Tony has an awesome sermon entitled "But God"!) had a sweet plan to boost my spirits.  We went to the mall for lunch, and "friends" from church were there.  Carson invited them to sit with us so we had a nice lunch conversation.  A sweet smile from Heaven!

~I got a haircut.  Tony cut 2 inches off of it, and it looks so much better.

~I now know enough people in Panama that I was able to call on a few of them when I needed some information.  It was nice to not feel helpless.  (Or to feel helpless, but know where to turn)

What do you have to be thankful for??  Leave me a comment, and let me know!


Melissa said…
To start off, you let Tony cut your hair?! I'm thankful for my neighborhood. We had an awesome time last night at our neighborhood block party! I love that we have so many good friends living around us and it warms my heart to see my kids having so much fun with the neighborhood "gang".I'm glad my kids get to grow up in the kind of neighborhood I always wanted when I was a kid. Henry even won a new bike!!

I'm also thankful that I have children who are great sleepers. It has been wonderful to have a break from the morning routine and sleep in this summer. And lastly I'm thankful that Jason doesn't cut my hair :)
panaMOM said…
I love the neighborhood "gang"! That's awesome!!

(And my hair is all one length. Not hard to wack off a few inches. I need a style, but I need more fluency before I attempt going some place!)
Anonymous said…
I am thankful for my small town, but I had to live somewhere else to fully appreciate it. Had I moved here straight from Birmingham, I might have gotten all uppity about how "small" LG is. I really appreciate a town with parks, activities for children, churches, and multiple grocery stores! No, it's not perfect--and yes, it has the drawbacks that come from living in a small town. But we have come to appreciate the quiet life of this town, and hope to stay here until the Lord sends us elsewhere! A.
Kristina said…
Wow! Lots of things to praise about. Awesome post.
panaMOM said…
Thanks Kristina!!

A.~ It is a great small town. According to the bumper stickers, it's the world's greatest small town.

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