Wednesday's Praises!

~Carson's basketball game went fairly well.  He's too little, but he's not too bad to play.  Tony and I both were pleased with his quarter of play.  Lots of rooms for improvement, but he didn't embarrass himself.

~I was able to attend a Bible study on Thursday.  It was much different than anything I've attended before, but I enjoyed myself, and the other ladies were very welcoming.

~Chloe's outlook on school is greatly improved from last Thursday.  She came home Friday convinced her Spanish teacher hated her but had gotten along well with the other kids.  I considered that a great victory!  The weekend went well, and all is resolved with her Spanish teacher- who never hated her!

~Each of the three "big" kids earned last week's star.  They enjoyed dessert on the couch (a double treat!) and extra bedtime.  This chart thing seems to be working!!

~It's the last day of August!  I'm so ready for this month to be done.  Bring on September!

~I made homemade chicken and dumplings that were yummy!  (I know I've mentioned this other places, but I'm still so tickled that they were good.  And that Carson had 5 servings!  Double yay!)

~Coralynn now consistently weighs over 22 pounds.  She isn't consistently to 23, but we spend a lot of time at 22.5.  We still cheer when the Bits puts on weight!


Good for Carson! My brother was/is a shorty, but he was a good basketball player. Sometimes the small ones are the quicker ones! What he lacked in height, he made up for in speed and brain. :o)

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