Everyone has an issue...

Or is obession a better word?

These are all Camilla's dresses that currently fit.  (All smooshed together so they would fit it one picture.)  The grand total.....45.

So, what's your "thing"?  The irresitible-money-draining-can't-say-no-gotta-have-it thing?  Or that "thing" that you have to have?  The splurge you choose to make?   And everyone has one!

For Tony, it is drawstring trash bags.  I will never forget the moment I discovered that.  We were living in Illinois, and I was hardcore cutting our spending.  I purchased the twist-tie trash bags at ALDI.  I wondered if it would be a problem, but Tony is seriously laid back so I wasn't that concerned.  About two nights later, I was sitting at the dining room table.  I hear him come up the back stairs, through the kitchen, to the dining room.  It was loud enough that I looked up.  In his hand was the box of trash bags.  With no emotion, he said, "I make entirely too much money to deal with these."  Drops the box on the table.  And out he walked. 

I never bought another box of twist-tie trash bags again.   :)

So, what's yours?? 


This really made me laugh. My issue would probably be unorganized closets. I know you're thinking I thought of that in response to the picture and cramming all the clothes but not true. I really have always had an OCD tendency toward organizing all of our clothes closets. I sort by color and short to long. It is painful at times for other members of my house. So obviously I usually have to hang up all of the clothes because no one want to do it wrong.:)
The trash bags really cracked me up. I only like drawstrings too!
panaMOM said…
That is too funny, Dawn! I promise you the dresses are generally given more room to roam in the closet! And I think you and Tony are cut from the same closet organization cloth- the master closets are GORGEOUS!!
Anonymous said…
Mexican. ChickFilA. Both drain the wallet horribly, and I know it. I drive the old car, live below my means, we wear hand-me-downs and/or Goodwill clothes, and yet there I am in the drive-through again!
lizbeth321 said…
Satellite and coffee creamer!
When we moved to LaGrange we brought our red-neck antenna with us but even on top of the chimney, there was no hope of picking up any signals...either satellite or no NCIS...you do the math! (I did just call our satellite to lower bill or cancel and we have a credit for 6 months!)
nancy l said…
Sadly enough my budget busting issue is thrift store clothing. I can kill our budget in a matter of minutes grabbing name brand clothes at the thrift because "its such a good deal in somebody's size or someone's favorite brand" I'm working on it but I still spent $41 at the thrift store the other day.
Anonymous said…
My absolute obession is shoes!! High heels, flats, sandals, boots, tennies and flip flops; it doesn't matter I love them all. April has inherited the shoe-aholic trait from her mother. She is carrying on the addiction proudly. Unfortunately, it is really expensive with two junkies!

Aunt C
panaMOM said…
Aunt C-

You should definitely take Tony with you some time. He is a DSW fanatic!!

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