Asking for a favor

I've heard that people are having trouble getting blogger to let them leave comments on the blog. 

I changed the settings so now a seperate window should open and allow comments.

Would you mind just leaving me a comment to let me know if they work?   If you are unable to get it to work, send me an email ( or my real email if you have it.) 



JuJu said…
Doing as you asked!! Hope all is well with you and your beautiful family. Love you, Judy
sarah a. said…
of course you can ask a favor . . . here ya go! (although, i never had a problem leaving comments before)
nancy l said…
I can leave a comment now!! I never could before.
Cindy said…
seems to work for me! but then it always has... hehe
Anonymous said…
So....this is what it's really like to have a blog! How much "tech" stuff do you have to deal with?
Anonymous said…
does it work!!
Anonymous said…
LOVE reading your blog Lisa!!! You make me laugh out loud all the time!

Heather G

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