Thoughts from Thursday: The First Day of School

(and for the record, not one of us cried.)

(Yes, Chloe is that much taller than Carson.  She's 19 months older than he is.  He's 29 months older than Camilla.  Kind of hard to believe isn't it!)

Well, at 6:05 my life changed.  I am now forced to wake up when I need to instead of when I want to.  My kids are at school.  How weird is that?  For the majority of you, it's not weird at all.  It's just part of life.  But for me, it is very weird. 

As I type this, Coralynn is eating breakfast.  A breakfast I made.  Chloe normally makes breakfast for her.  They usually sit together and discuss life over fruit, bread, and milk  Even Coralynn got that something was different.  I put her on the counter while I made her some breakfast.  She put her hand out (in the where position- you know what I mean.) and said "Co."  (Long "o" sound.)  I've never heard her call Chloe anything, but I guess the magnitude of the moment required speech.

After breakfast, we're going to.......hmm.  I have no idea.  Normally during breakfast, I would shower and the kids would play until lunch or until an errand needed to be run.  I still haven't showered.  Didn't think about doing that while Coralynn was still sleeping.  I guess she'll hang out in the bathroom while I shower.  Then, we'll play?  I don't play well with babies.  That's why I always give my babies siblings for their birthdays.  I haven't been at home alone with a baby in 7 1/2 years. 

Before Carson left, he decided to trash talk me.  He gets that from his father's side of the family.  (I'm totally serious.  Grandma A. can talk some smack with the best of them.  You think I'm kidding.  She and Carson got going during a game of dominoes.  In all fairness, he started it, but she held her own.  He was thrilled!)  He was taunting that now they are at school I'll have to do all the chores.  I'm half tempted to make a huge mess for them when they get home.  That'll show him.  (Totally not serious now.)


Jen said…
You crack me up. I love how Carson trashed talked you about the chores. I've been thinking lately that maybe I should actually set an alarm next week for 6:30 so that the following week 6:00 won't feel so bad.

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