Worn Out!

When our host family was struck with a stomach virus, we decided to take their need for downtime as a great opportunity to visit some other friends.  On Tuesday, July 12, we headed over to the Daniels for some swimming and spaghetti.  The kids love going to the Daniels because they have big girls, a big boy, and a little girl- the perfect match up for my crew!  And Mandy and I always share fabulous conversation so I'm was as excited as they were!  We had a super time and the kids ended up needing a sleepover to get all their time together satisfied.

After 3 hours of VBS, 2 hours of Music Week, and 2 hours of swimming pool, Coralynn Mae had hit her fun limit.  You know you're tired when you fall asleep in your carseat, and then happily sleep in the "taco" position for 90 minutes until your mom wakes you up.


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