Funsy Friday- Picture Day!!

Time to play- Where in the World is Camilla Rose???

Maybe in her Kindergarten classroom?  No.  Maybe in a locker room?  Closer.  In the ER getting X-rays?  Yes!  You are correct!  If you look closely at the picture, you can see her nose and eyes are black and blue.  Miss Skippy Sue was cheerfully singing and skipping her way up the front steps in the church sanctuary on Friday evening.  Next thing I hear is screaming.  Lots of screaming.  From the child that hates being noticed in public.  Apparently, Miss Skippy Sue became Miss Trippy Dippy as she fell up the stairs.  Unfortunately for her sweet face, she couldn't get her hands down in time to catch herself and fell directly on her nose.  (I heard those "ouches" coming from cyberville!)

We put ice on it and tried to calm her down.  Eventually the Camilla Whisperer- AKA Mrs. Jennifer- brought her gummy bears and life returned to a swollen normal.  She even went and had a sleepover that night.  By the time I picked her up, she was bruised, but nothing terrible.  Unfortunately, Saturday night brought some weird shifts to the bruising and her nose so we called in the professionals.

Dr. Lisa took a look at her after Sunday school.  I knew it wasn't good when she said, "Y'all aren't flying home soon are you?"  Umm.  In two days.  Is that soon?  That answered landed us in the ER getting x-rays.  Fortunately, the diagnosis was a compression fracture and the ENT agreed it was fine for her to fly.  Big relief!  1 week later, the child's nose looks much better.


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