We're Home!

After 2 wonderful weeks in Georgia, we are back in Panama!!  I had intended to update regularly, but life, the stomach flu, and a broken nose got in the way. 

Our flight back to Panama was great- with the exception of the hour we sat on the tarmac.  No one got sick on the return flight, so that was a blessing!!  Coralynn did not do nearly as well on the return flight.  I was very thankful Tony was with us.

Let's hit our weekly 7!

~The kids and I had a great time at VBS at the Big Apple Adventure.  It was great to see them really enjoying themselves.

~All the kids did great at their doctor's appointments.  Coralynn is happily on the correct portion of the growth chart so I'm super relieved!  I cannot say enough fabulous things about Dr. Lisa's office.  This move to Panama was made so much smoother by their help!

~Somehow we managed, while we were in the States, to miss the stomach flu that was going around town.  I have no idea how that is even possible since we were in close proximity with some of the victims.

~The flight to GA went relatively smoothly.  With the exception of the need of a few air sickness bags for one of the kids, all went great.  The people in customs were downright pleasant.  It was wonderful.

~Big praise for the generosity of Bruce and Elizabeth letting us borrow their van.  It saved huge headaches and money.  Thank you!!

~Shout out to the various families who allowed the kids to spend the night.  At one point, I thought that Chloe had been kidnapped my her bff, and I was thrilled!  I loved seeing the kids just pick up where they left off with their friends.

~Huge praise for Shawn and Amelia opening their home to the six of us for 10 nights.  That's a whole lot of people for a long time.  And it went great.  Really great.  Tony and Shawn are already making plans for our future compound.  (umm- this city girl isn't moving to rural Alabama!)  


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