The Ends.

In 9 days, life as I've known it for 9 years is going to come to an end.  (How's that for overly dramatic??)  Chloe is going to go to school.  Carson and Camilla are going to go with her.  Only Coralynn Mae and I will be left at home.  It's the end of an era.  The Chloe Era.

And I'm not taking it well.  But that's nothing compared to how the Bits is going to handle it.

I was very concerned that Coralynn and Chloe were going to be too far apart in age to have a very good relationship.  8 years is a significant amount of age difference especially with other siblings in the mix.  I was concerned that Chloe would be busy doing big kid stuff and not be interested in her littlest sis.  And, to be honest, Chloe is not one of those girls who just loves babies.  So, I was worried.

And for a few months, my fears seemed justified.  She wanted very little to do with the Bits.  Coralynn was more of an annoyance than an novelty.  Or a sister.  I watched Chloe's friends flock to the new baby.  And Chloe look at them like they needed to grow up and get a real hobby.  There was never any jealousy- just total apathy.

Then Coralynn got a personality.  A real personality.  Not just the feed me change me put me to bed personality.  Now my biggest and my youngest- my ends- are the closest.  As you could see in the video of Coralynn walking, Coralynn went to Chloe.  I was right there videotaping, but she went to Chloe.

The part that makes me the happiest about that?  She went to Chloe, her sister.  Not Chloe, her second mommy.  When she needs a mommy, she still wants me.  Dirty diapers.  Skinned knees.  Hurt feelings.  Those are my territory.  But lots of times, she doesn't need a mommy.  She needs a Chloe.  Only your sister can teach you VBS dances.  And silly rhymes.  And funny faces.    And for her part, Coralynn has taught Chloe the joy of simplicity:  first laughs, first words, first steps.

The End of An Era.  Homeschooling is over.  The kids are headed to school.  The Bits and I will be just a twosome.  But the end of my Ends.  I don't think so.


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