Every morning, I weigh myself.  I like to have a clear picture of what my weight is doing.  Otherwise, I have no idea if I should be obsessing because it is too low or too high.  It's important to have accurate information when obsessing!  Saturday morning was no different until it was.

I reached under the bathroom sink and grabbed the scale.  As I was pulling it out, I noticed a little black thing underneath it.  Oh no- cockroach!   Um, not exactly.  (Carson is taking the video- until he panics.)

No.  A cockroach would have been entirely too mundane for our Panamanian adventure.  We needed to go bigger.  And better.  And harder to step on.  We had to go- scorpion!

I have no idea how large residential scorpions in Panama can be, but this guy seemed awfully large to me.  In the name of research and science, we decided to get a measurement on him.  (Not that I have any idea if it was a him.  I just figured women generally go to the restroom in packs, and this was alone.  Must be a guy.)  With consideration to the scientific skills we have developed from years of homeschooling, we decided to use the AMM, accountant measurement method.  We threw a quarter on the ground to get some perspective on his size.

I've decided that's a big scorpion.  After Chloe and I took all the necessary pictures, we needed a plan of attack on removing Mr. Claws and Stinger.  As mentioned previously on this blog, I'm a big softie when it comes to critters.  (And Tony is no better.)  We are both willing to stomp a cockroach, but other than that, we feel guilty killing something unnecessarily.   This guy needed to be removed, but no one wanted him dead.  And it's not like we could have just sucked him up with the Dyson.

The decision was made to relocate him outside.  The only issue- do these things scurry?  Was it going to sit nicely, understanding we were saving its creepy life?  Or was it going to attack?  We hedged our bets and decided to sweep it up and throw it outside.  (I'm now videotaping and holding Coralynn.  She was way more into close up views of Mr. C&S  than Tony felt safe.)


Overall, the process went well.  With the exception of him puffing himself him, Mr. C&S was rather cooperative.  He nicely flew over the front balcony after we made sure no one was below.  At one point in the video, you can hear the Bits cry.  She didn't much care for the scorpion's claw display.

The good news of the morning?  My weight was exactly where I wanted it.  No obsessing necessary!


Anonymous said…
Hahaha. The video of his removal was awesome. So funny, but probably what I would have done too. Although I might have killed him to begin with. ok, strike that. I would have Brett do it.
Anonymous said…
Please leave Mr. C&S back there in Panama, where he longs to live out his happy life as a batchelor in the suburbs. Please do not bring him, nor any of his friends/family with you! Those Crazy Jokers!
Melissa said…
I LOVED the video! I'm pretty sure I would have peed my pants!!
Jen said…
Oh my word! I would have freaked out!

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