My Favorite Things

~Rain.  I love rain.  I love a humid Midwestern afternoon, and the ozone smell that comes over the land before the storm hits.  I love thunder and lightening.  I no longer consider myself an Illinois girl, but I will always love a Midwestern thunderstorm. 

~Friendship.  I have some fabulous friends.  People that make me better.  Encourage me to keep the faith.   Ladies, and guys, who put me on the right path when I mess up (and who are loving enough to point out when I'm on the wrong path).  People who spur me to believe in myself.  Those who invest themselves in you so that you will forever take a piece of them with you.

~Moving boxes and empty houses.  Another great pairing.  I love the feeling of excitement at the next step.  The feeling of fear of what's to come.  The feeling of sadness at what is left behind.  The feeling of accompishment at what was done and is to be still.

~Feelings.  I love to feel.  Happiness.  Excitement.  Fear.  Sadness.  Calm.  I love the range of feelings that the Lord created within us.

~Labor and Delivery.  If I could give birth professionally, I would.  Besides the depth of feelings it creates, I love how the world stops in those moments.  The physical pain allows your mind and body to completely focus on the miraculous task of bringing life into the world.

~Autumn.  The crisp morning air.  The dampness of the weather changing.  Soccer afternoons and football Saturdays.  Wearing jeans after months of shorts.  I love how the whole earth seems to enjoy the freedom of cooler weather as it prepares for the stillness of winter.

~Vacation Days.  I love being together.  And I like it better during the middle of a normal work week.  Life is right when Tony and the kids and I are all together.  Grocery shopping.  Beach.  Airplane.  Mall.  The where doesn't matter.  It's all about the whom.

What about you?  What touches deeply within your soul?  What brings you happiness?  What allows your spirit to breathe more easily?  What feels like a smile from heaven?


Melissa said…
Autumn and the beach are definitely a couple of my faves. Oh and dusk. I'm not there with ya on the childbirth one. You must if had some pretty great deliveries. I felt like I was goin% into shock with Henry and really fearful with Simon. I do love the emotions of holding you newborn baby and feeling like your heart will burst with joy. Oh and the new baby smell. Nothing beats that!!
panaMOM said…
I'll keep L&D and you keep dusk. Deal??

(and my last 3 deliveries were relatively easy!)

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