I promise..

The review posts are going to be coming to an end soon.  The fluff factor on the blog is getting to me a little bit, and I've been pondering a few things that will hit the blog soon.  BUT in the name of "weekend." I'll share a little more funsy from our trip.

The main reason we went to Georgia, beyond the obvious reason of seeing friends, was because Chloe was dying to have a part in the Music Week performance, and this is the first year she was eligible.  (For the record, I didn't tell anyone that was why we were coming, and I didn't pay Mrs. Speri off to guarantee Chloe had some role in the musical.)  Much to her deep pleasure, she got to be part of the choreography of one of the songs.  She was one of 10 or 12 kids, and was beyond thrilled to be selected.  (I love this about her.  Lots of kids would have complained because they didn't get a "cooler" role.  A more starring role.  She was simply delighted to have the opportunity.)  So here she is doing her part... 

(For those who don't know her, she is the "Dog and Cat" girl.)

I thought I would also share the video of Chloe's bestie singing her solo in the musical.  You know a kid is talented when you ask them, "Do you prefer playing the cello, playing the piano, or singing better?"  To which she replies, "I like them all.   Everyone thinks cello is the coolest, but singing is much easier."  (I love this child.  She is my non-C-name daughter!)

(Libby's the second soloist- the green shirt.)


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