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Tony had reached his breaking point.

He was not going to be denied any longer.

It was time for him to take the reins and lead this family.

After 22 months, he was done.

We WERE all going to the dentist.  Period.  No questions.

He scheduled the appointments.

We got no say in that matter.

Even though I hate the dentist.

And I don't floss.

I took Camilla and Chloe today.

Other than the light being too bright for Camilla,

the girls both did super great.

Carson and I went yesterday.  I was super nervous.  Have I mentioned yet that I hate going to the dentist?  My jaw doesn't open very wide, and it hurts to have them working in my mouth.  And, since I don't floss, it tends to be a blood bath.

Because I'm the mom, I had to see the dentist first.  Something about being a good example to Carson.  Whatever.  The dentist was great, and she even thanked me for being upfront about the fact I don't floss.  She appreciated my honesty.  I appreciated her appreciation.  Then, she looked in my mouth.  

And do you know what she said?  

Do you?  

She said my teeth and gums look "super."  Direct quotation there.  She said, "super."  And when I had my cleaning, you know what happened?  Or what didn't happen?  No blood bath.  My gums were great.  Everything was super!  I have to give full credit to the SpinBrush for that!  I really love my SpinBrush!  The dentist did say I should try flossing, too.  Whatever.

Oh.  Carson also did great at the dentist.


lizbeth321 said…
If you're trying to make me feel better about the dentist (which I still hate going to and I never hear "super"), it did not work. But glad the Amstutz have healthy teeth!
panaMOM said…
LOL! Sorry, Elizabeth. Do you have a SpinBrush? ;)
lizbeth321 said…
I think I could have 10 SpinBrushes and never hear "super"! LOL ;-)

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