Awards Day And End of School!

Last Wednesday, Chloe had her Awards Chapel where she was presented a certificate for honor roll for 4th quarter, and she received a certificate for being on the honor roll all school year.

Chloe has had a difficult year, but I'm beyond impressed with how well she handled it.  We owe a debt of gratitude to her teacher, Miss Spencer, who taught Chloe so much more than math and reading.  There is no question that Miss Spencer made a lasting imprint on Chloe's heart and encouraged her walk with the Lord so beautifully.  Chloe and Miss Spencer- I treasure you both!!

Friday, June 6, was the last of day of school for the year!  I am so proud of how well Chloe and Carson did.  We wondered how the transition from homeschooling would go, but they both did great!

(Carson clearly wasn't feeling right on the last day of school.  More info coming soon.)


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