Picking another C-name!!!

Monday, we got the unexpected news that we needed to select another C-name for our family!

The kids were super excited, but Tony and I were struggling with it. Really struggling with it.

Then, we had a breakthrough of peace.

Tony remembered a trip to rural Alabama that he took last summer with his bff, Shawn.

Shawn often brings peace to our confusion.

Tony and Shawn were chatting with Shawn's dad- Mr. E.- about a similiar situation, and Mr. E. had wise words to share.

Little did we know, just 12 months later, those words would guide us:

"Shawn," Mr. E. said. "Every boy needs a puppy. And a girl might like one, too."

With truth like that guiding us, how could we go wrong?

So, it's our pleasure to introduce to the newest baby girl in our family...

Cosita Lauryn

(Cosita is Spanish for "little thing," and Chloe just liked "Lauryn.")

Trying to convince Cosita to come out of the carrier.

Cosita perfectly happy in the back corner of the crate.

Attempting to bribe her out with food. (Pedigree, of course!)

Giving her some space from the other side of the sliding glass door.


Playing with Chloe.

Every Chloe needs a puppy!

As cute as Cosita is, I think Coralynn calling for the puppy is even cuter!!


Anonymous said…
You are SOOOOO VERRRRY BAD!!!!! Don't play with me like that! (But the pup is really cute!)
lizbeth321 said…
So thrilled for Chloe!!!

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