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Chloe's Home!

Chloe got back about 12:30 last Thursday afternoon.  Tony took the day off so he could be there when she arrived so he, Coralynn, and I headed to the church to pick her up.  Camilla and Carson stayed behind so they could work on a special project for her.

They created the best welcome-home signs ever and jumped up from behind the chair to surprise greet her.  She was thrilled with their attention, and they were thrilled to have her home!  

Before we discussed her trip, we got the washing machine going because 4 days in the jungle stinks!  It only took two washes to get everything clean.

Chloe bought some jewelry from the local artisans.

Mom:  Welcome home, Chloe.
Chloe:  Hey Mom!

Mom:  Where did you go for your missions trip?
Chloe:  Parara Puru with the Embera

Mom:  Tell me about the trip there.
Chloe:  We rode on a bus for an hour, and then we got to the river.  We rode a canoe to the village.  We had to hike a few minutes to get to the village.

Mom:  Where you nervous when you got there?
Chloe:  Yes.  I was nervous about the huts breaking.

Mom:  What was your favorite part of the trip?
Chloe:  When we went to the waterfall because it was amazing.

Mom:  What was the worst part of the trip?
Chloe:  Picking up trash.

Mom:  What did you do with the people?
Chloe:  We played with the kids, and we sang songs.  And we watched videos with the generator we brought.

Mom:  What did you learn about yourself while you were there?
Chloe:  That I should be more grateful for running water.

Mom:  Do you think you are going to be a missionary when you grow up?
Chloe:  No.

Mom:  Why not?
Chloe:  Cuz, it's like scary.  Going to a place you've never been before where people don't speak the same language.  That's why I don't like moving.

**Quick note:  I received a phone call from one of the chaperones on the trip.  She called to tell me how amazingly willing Chloe was to jump in and play with the kids even though she was the only person on the trip who doesn't speak Spanish.  She may have been scared, but she certainly overcame and allowed the Lord to shine through her!**

Mom:  Is there anything else you want to share about the trip?
Chloe:  My favorite video we watched was Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

I'm just so thankful to have my Chloe home!


lizbeth321 said…
Isabelle enjoyed this blog, especially the dialogue. She read it aloud and even did different voices for Mom and Chloe. Isabelle loves the pictures. And, she is jealous that Chloe has now seen Voyage of the Dawntreader.

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