Praising on a Wednesday... Again!

It's been too long since I did a Weekly Blessing Wednesday so I thought today would be a perfect day to start it up again!

~Chloe is having a good time on her mission trip, and I was able to speak briefly to her!  We can't wait for her to be home, and I can't wait to hear all about it!

~Cosita is here.  Okay, getting the dog was a HUGE mistake, but we're doing our best to make the best of it.  And, Cosita was smart enough to figure out that getting Tony on her side was the only way she was going to keep living with us!

~Carson is all better!  That was quite the virus, but he seems to be have completely turned the corner!

~Camilla and Coralynn had a great time spending a week together while the big kids were at school!  It was super neat getting to watch them grow their relationship! 

~Coralynn's speech is greatly improved and the tubes are working!  She's been feeling good, and talking up a storm.  She's even cuter now than she was before!  I love getting to hear what she thinks about life, and it is great watching all 4 kids interact so much more!

~My Dad had been struggling with double vision.  After a myriad of tests ruled out something more sinister, my Dad was able to get a new kind of glasses.  They did the trick, and now he sees normally again!  I've never seen my Dad almost gitty about something!

~2 weeks and 5 days until we are back in the United States.  I have too much to do before then, but we are all so excited to see everybody SOON!!


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