Reviewing Christmas Eve on New Year's Eve!!

I hope y'all are having a wonderful New Year's Eve!  We cleaned this morning, headed down to the pool this afternoon, and are looking forward to an evening of budgeting.  We are wild and crazy people!

Now, for our cruise recap...

Monday morning we woke up super excited and a little nervous about our first day at port.  We did not have an excursion planned in Cozumel, Mexico, so we were interested to see what the day would hold.  The ship didn't port until 10am, so there was plenty of time to get breakfast, get ready, play minigolf, and stand on deck to watch us come into Cozumel!

Coralynn playing some putt putt.

The kids loved all the sights, shops, and sounds of Cozumel.  Tony loved this "statue" and insisted on getting his picture with it.  Twice.

Coralynn was less impressed with the creepy moving statue guy so she hung with me while I took the picture!

Grandma and Grandpa had sent the kids some Christmas Cruise money, and they had a lot of fun picking out which treasures they wanted.  Carson settled on a guitar which quickly got more use as a gum wrapper bat.

All of the kids wanted bracelets, and, of course, Coralynn had to have her personalized bracelet made for her because there were no "Coralynn" already made.

My bracelet-lover getting her new bracelet put on her wrist.

Me and my clingy Bits. 
I held her pretty much the entire cruise.  I did come home very sore, but my heart was very happy from enjoying my Bits time.

Chloe's paparazzi shot of Camilla and Tony leaving a store.

Carson conquering the fountain in the middle of the plaza.

Okay.  Let's clarify.
Coralynn is not scared of photography.  She's actually objecting to Chloe's arm being around her, but it definitely looks like she's had quite the fright.

Time for more clarification.
Coralynn's eyes are on her head straight.   The sunglasses are not.
We had a lot of really great pictures plus Bits.

More posing with my hubby.  (and, look, there's Bits!)
 I am beyond thankful that he made this cruise a reality for us.

Chloe's toes in Cozumel, Mexico.
(Remember this.  It will become a theme.)

The kids with their Carnival green bracelets and their personalized bracelet.
Carson opted for the Bears over his name.

I promise the boats in the background are real.  They just look like a cheap photography studio background. 

Watch out, folks!

Again, I promise the pictures are all real.

After a morning of touristy shopping, we decided to do some touristy lunching.  You know you're going to get authentic Mexican cuisine in Mexico in a place called "Three Amigos."  Maybe not, but it was a beautiful location on the beach, and the food was very yummy!

There was even a Mariachi band playing "Feliz Navidad." 
How much more legit could it get?

Tony with Chloe and Carson.

A pondering Coralynn Mae.

Momma and Carson D.

The kids could not get over the crystal blue waters of Cozumel.

Chloe and Camilla sitting in a very large chair in front of actual boats. 

We headed back to the boat after a great morning in the very beautiful Cozumel, Mexico.

After returning to the boat, we spent some time on the waterslides before heading back to the room where Coralynn immediately collapsed asleep.
When she woke up, we headed to the dining room for our Christmas Eve meal. 

It was at Christmas Eve dinner that we met Nada, aka Mrs. Claus, who hooked Carson up with a full gluten free meal for Christmas Day.  Carson was thrilled to get to try the Molten Chocolate Cake we'd been enjoying all week.

My family on Christmas Eve.  No other present compares with this blessing I have.

Our night night towel animal.  An elephant.


Elizabeth said…
So, so, so glad you had a blessed time!!

I want to know if you've been able to recreate, at home, any of your night night towel animals...

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