Conversation of the Day.

I love words.  Have I mentioned that recently?  I really, really love words.  And, to me, words matter.  They really, really matter.  Fortunately, my kids provide some of the best conversation.  I thought about give a quotation of the day for everyday this month, but I was afraid it was get too tedious for me.

Today, however, I had a conversation with Carson that is worth remembering, and, therefore, worth blogging.

Background:  We were working on an ongoing project.

Me:  Carson, you need to be still.
Carson David:  Still really isn't my thing.
CD:  Mom, would you say I'm hyperactive?
M:  No, not hyperactive.
CD:  energetic?
M:  Yes, energetic.
CD: Yup.  Energetic is my thing.


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