Christmas Gala

Last night, Tony and I attended his company's Christmas Gala.  It was held at the beautiful Sheridan Hotel, and we had a nice time.  If your recall from last year, (I'm not posting a link.  You can search through the blog if you want to see it.) we were "selected" to be part of the dance contest.  Somehow, out of pity, I believe, we won the contest.  Because we didn't want to take any chances this year, we've been taking Merengue and Salsa lessons for the past 5 weeks.  Fortunately, we didn't have to put any of the practice to use.  Big relief!!
Also during the past 5 weeks, I've been gown shopping like a crazy fool.  I didn't find anything I loved.  A friend of mine suggested taking a few of my older gowns and having them altered for a new and better look.  I'm not sure I've had more fun!  Going to the seamstress to have my gowns made more for me made me feel like a Hollywood starlet.  To add to the Cinderella feel, the sweet teenager I tutor and her mom came over and did my hair and makeup before the party.  I'm not sure I felt this pretty before my wedding 13 years ago!
(And, I apologize because all the pictures are from my cell phone.  I forgot my nice camera at home!)


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