Quotation of the Day

Coralynn and I made our weekly run downtown to the grocery stores.  On the way home, we got stuck in a little more traffic that I expected.  This left us plenty of time to chat.  In the middle of the conversation- about what, I don't know- Coralynn started yelling about "BeBe tar!"  (baby car)  I thought she could see a car with a baby in it, but after looking around, I didn't see anything. 
"BeBe tar!" continued, and I finally saw what she saw.  A BeBe Tar!
Known to the rest of the world as a Volkswagon Beetle. 
She was so excited about this little car.  She talked the rest of the 35 minutes home about it.  She kept asking, "Dat my BeBe tar?"  No, Bits, that isn't you car.  "Des (yes), dat my BeBe tar!"
I guess since she already has her front teeth all she wants for Christmas is a BeBe tar!


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