And This Is What I Get

for attempting to train my children.

Background:  Camilla was invited to a friend's birthday party yesterday.  It was a little ladies luncheon.  I said nothing to Camilla about our food rules because I didn't think about it.  We do not allow soda.  Ever.  Because water is readily available. 

Conversation of the Day- Day 2!

Me:  Camilla, Mrs. Richardson told me how respectfully you mentioned that you can't have soda.  I'm proud of you.
Camilla Rose:  I always tell people that, Mom.
M:  Well, that's very mature.
CR:  I was hoping she was going to tell me I had to drink it because then I would have had no choice because I wouldn't want to disobey an adult.  *sly smile*  And maybe she'd make me have 2 cups!

Now, if that isn't the heart of obedience, I don't know what is.  ;)


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