Cruise Review- December 23rd!

Day at Sea!  Sunday, we spent all day at sea so we got to explore the boat and all it had to offer.  It was a great day!

Camilla and Carson enjoyed sitting in the window to look for land.

Coralynn got to sleep in her own "big-girl" bed.


Carson and Chloe


Chloe and Camilla

Even Coralynn had a waterslide to enjoy!

The water slides were one of the highlights for the kids...

...and for Tony!




My soggy middle kids after hours on the waterslides.

Chloe and my toes posing for a picture.

Tony with the Evens!

Chloe is getting so much older.  She clearly isn't my little Chloe anymore!

Camilla was very excited about all the junk food at her fingertips.

Posing with the love of my life.

And, did we mention there was ice cream available 24 hours a day?

I promised myself I wasn't going to take pictures of food, but the Christmas-colored jello was too much for me to pass up!


What's better than a big chair with my 4 babies?

Less than 24 hours into the cruise,
and I found this note on my bed from my BFF, Camilla. 
You are so welcome, Mill Bug!

The Carnival Dream really was a beautiful ship.

Tony and I sent the kids to Camp Carnival, and we enjoyed getting dressed up for elegant night.  I love any opportunity to pull out a gown!

Yep, I think our 18 years together have been good to us!

The signature Carnival shot.

Night fall on Day Two! 


Elizabeth said…
Love Camilla and her note!

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