And I Love That.

Take a look around my house, and you'll see kids.  And the mess that kids bring.

You'll see family pictures and picture books.

You'll see forgotten hair ribbons, unmatched socks, and pen caps.

It's a family home.  It's a kid home.  It's my home.

And I love that.

Take a look around my house now, and what don't you see?

No trees.  No snowmen.  No angels.  No presents.

No Christmas? 

No Christmas. 

Lots of love.  Lots of joy.  Lots of Jesus. 

But no Christmas tradition to be found.

It's just Jesus and us this year. 

And I love that.

Look again, one last time, at my home and at my holiday vignettes.  They are not red or green.  There are not carols playing in their backgrounds. 

But, there is the melody of laughter. 

 We have no snow in Panama, but the blessing of family covers us in a peaceful warmth.

The smells of cookies are replaced with those of polish and sunscreen.

We have no mangers remembering the Godchild born 2000 years ago. 
In light of that miraclous promise kept, we focus on waiting for His promised return.
No, these are not the vignettes of Christmases steeped in tradition.

But, these are my vignettes.
And I love that.


Elizabeth said…
And I love that too!! You are addressing and investing in your children's hearts, and they yours!

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