Weekly 7!

I'm in a bad mood.  I don't wanna talk about it, and I don't feel like being grateful.

I will post the blessings of the last week because I know I am blessed even though I'm pouting and whining right now.  K?

~Kids continue to do well at school.  Chloe, in particular, seems to be really doing well.  She's mastered how to do school so she can do better with the educational portions.

~I went to a new friend's house yesterday to just chat.  I was blessed beyond measure by her hospitality and graciousness.

~Tony and I have begun a Bible study at home.  It is the one that I did with my Bible study group, but they were about 10 weeks in when I started.  Tony and I are doing it together from the beginning, and I'm excited to learn!

~Tomorrow is Mother's Day here in Panama so Chloe's class had a celebratory breakfast this morning.  It was a sweet time, and the other moms were nice to me.  yay!  (How old am I?)

~Carson was really moved by last Sunday's sermon.  I think it's so cute how into an idea he can get.

~Fortunately, we were alerted quickly when our credit card company realized that our card had been hacked this week, and shut down the card before serious damage had been done.  (Please don't feel the need to comment on how we shouldn't be using credit cards unless you have a good solution to the tax implications and foreign transaction fees from large cash withdrawals.)  <-  In all humility, this comment has an attitude.  I shouldn't have shared my attitude problem.  Forgiveness appreciated.

~I was able to skype with my bff three times in three days this past weekend.  That makes me happy!


Nora said…
If you work to maintain a budget and handle your own finances, why does anyone else get a vote on whether or not you use a credit card? Just sayin'. You are an inspiration to me, Lisa, and I love reading your blog!
panaMOM said…
Aww- thanks, Nora. I appreciate your kind words. And I still wish we would have been in P-town long enough for you to teach Chloe how to sign!!

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