Weekly 7!- Almost Christmas Edition!

~ We were able to help friends who are fostering twin babies!  I was thankful to have all this baby stuff around the house still!

~School is over for the year!  I get my kids until January 16th!!

~My parents' first flight left on time today.  Prayers that the connection leaves on time, as well!!

~My brother and sister-in-law's flight left ontime, too!  Yay for direct flights!!

~Coralynn, who was sickly, is feeling much better!  This makes her harder to contain, but healthy is a blessing!!

~My bedroom is finally completely painted!  We're not sure if someting was wrong with the paint or the walls, but 5 coats later, Tony is done!!

~It's almost CHRISTMAS!!!

(and a bonus because it's Christmas, the Lord led us to help two individuals this holiday season.  I tell you this, not to boast in our doing, but to praise the Lord for His provision to give to others!!)


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