Funsy Friday!- Let's Dance!

So, I convinced Tony that we should share the footage.  My bff suggested we do it as a pay-per-view and raise some money for charity.  I like that plan, but the logistics are nightmare.  Instead, if you decide to watch, you can just give a little extra in the Salvation Amry red buckets, ok?

This video comes with a few warning labels.

1.  I'm not a big fan of not having total control of a situation.  You'll see I talk the entire time.  It's my lame attempt to regain control.

2.  I don't like looking foolish.  I'm clearly not giving it my all because I can't get over myself.  (That needs to be a New Year's Resolution.  Maybe 2013.)

3.  I have a broken toe, and I'm wearing heels.  And my dress wasn't made for dancing.  And there was milk in the fridge.  (One excuse it as good as another, right!?!)

4.  The first 10-15 seconds are the highlights (using that word loosely) of the whole thing.  After that, we just give up.

5.  I don't dance.  Ever.  Not at weddings.  Not at parties.  I don't dance.

6.  In case you missed it, you can read the backstory here.


Anonymous said…
YYYYYYIIIIPPPPEEEEEE! That was quite possibly the best Christmas gift I've ever gotten! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Magic...Pure Magic!
Anonymous said…
Dearest Homeslice,
My new nickname for you.


Anonymous said…

thanks for posting. :)

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