Bienvenidos a diciembre!

During the long Thanksgiving break, we headed to the mall because Tony and I like malls.  I know that's kind of strange for frugal people to like malls, but we do.  I really like malls that are all decorated for the holidays!  Even though we aren't doing presents this year, I still love all the fun of Christmas so I was thrilled to see that Santa (who spoke really good English) had already arrived in Panama!  And, because it was early in the day, there was no crowd.  I decided that Coralynn needed to meet him!

Okay, so she didn't look thrilled with him, but at least she didn't cry.  I was kind of surprised that she went blank.  She's usually so devoted to being a big kid that I thought she would interact with him more.  And since she's afraid of nothing, I thought Santa would get more of a reaction.  I was wrong, but she was still stinkin' cute, and I still love all the fun of the holidays.


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