The Christmas Gala!

Tonight, Tony and I went to the company's Christmas party.  This is a very Panamanian phenomenon, and, although I was thrilled about picking out a dress, I was less excited about actually attending.  I get nervous in crowds. 

I'm exhausted right now, but wanted to let y'all know we had a wonderful time.  And, we won a dance contest!  Of course, more story to follow.  Night y'all!


Anonymous said…
Faaannnncccyy! I'd pay good money to see that dance competition! GOOD money!
panaMOM said…
I just searched youtube, and unfortunately, it wasn't there. I'll definitely keep looking because I really want to post that on the blog for everyone to see.

Anonymous said…
Do you smell smoke? Because you should--liar, liar, pants on fire! If you do find it somewhere, you should post it and make it a Pay-Per-View. Think of the money that could be made....

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