Weekend Review!

Welcome to Sunday night!

This weekend has been amazing from a health and fitness standpoint, and I couldn't be happier.

Saturday, I hit the next weight decade!!!

(I hate feet.  I can't figure out how to edit this picture.  Uck!)

I'm SO thankful that I've FINALLY gotten everything moving in the right direction.  It's silly because it's the exact same thing I was doing in 2012 when I get to the same weight.  Very limited sugar.  Pretty much vegan.  Almost no eating out.  That's it.  Why does that seem so hard?  Regardless, I've lost almost 15 pounds since the beginning of this school year, and I feel so much better.  (I'm actually down to 138.5, but I didn't take a picture.  I'm now almost at my Louis Vuitton award weight!!!)

The far more impressive health and fitness success was the running trio's trail race.  Tony and Carson ran a 12k, and Chloe ran her very first 5k trail.  They did amazingly well.  Although I'm incredibly proud of all three of them, I have to devote a minute to Chloe.

I promise you that 3 years ago I would have told you that Chloe would never become a runner.  I would have told you that maybe she wasn't top college material.  Because I'm parent of the year, I would have told you all the things she couldn't/wouldn't.

I am thrilled to tell you I was a total idiot!

Chloe is a runner.  In fact, she's a triathlete.  She trains with her team 5 mornings a week.  Three of those mornings, she goes to the gym with her personal trainer BEFORE practice.  This all happens before school starts at 7:40.

And, when she starts school, she is as devoted to that endeavor.  She's advanced everything.  She discovered that she's a math machine.  I like to talk to her math teacher because I love to watch his eyes when he describes her as, "the math student that every teacher hopes to have just once in his career."

Chloe has come so far.  She is the poster child for the late bloomer, but she is the most beautiful flower in the garden.  From the inside out, she radiates.

To be more than you ever thought possible,


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