Three-Thing Thursday!!

As I've mentioned a few times, I'm really trying to improve my outlook on life.

I'd noticed myself getting more negative and bitter- neither qualities that I wanted to be. I decided to make an intentional effort to choose to see the Light in any situation.

I definitely don't want to be Suzy Sunshine when the world is falling apart.  I don't want to be that person who tells hurting people that "all things will work together for good."

I still want to relate to people in their ugly places.  I am just coming to the realization that I was spending too much time focusing on my own places and focusing on the ugly places makes them appear bigger than they are.

So, with that it mind, today's topic is Things that I Can Now See...

1.  Joy breeds Joy.

I know that it's not always true, but looking at life through the eyes of joy makes those around me more joyful.  We all know that misery loves company.  I've come to the decision that joy loves company, too.  Being company with misery doesn't mean that you have to stay in misery.  I can show empathy and then we can walk together toward joy.   Are there some people that take more work to operate with joy with?  Sure.  I think I used to be one of them.  I probably still am.  But, I'm thankful for the people who held my hand and brought me to a better place.

Lots of times those better places can be accomplished through the silliest of things.  I've grown to LOVE telling people "hello" in the hallways at work.  I love smiling and making eye contact.  I most love people's responses.  Most of the time, people smile back.  Or say hello back.  Or tease me about being perky.  I know there are people who take pride in their face's ability to keep people at an arm's length.  I've learned that I am simply not one of those people.  I much prefer to have you in my world. It's lonely without you! (#extrovertissues) So, if you see me, be prepared for a greeting!

2.  There is SO much to be thankful for.

We all know this.  Family.  Friends.  Health.  Financial Security.  The big ones come to mind quickly, but it's the little things that now touch my heart. Dark chocolate sea salt cashews.  I love them.  I'm thankful for them.  We're quick to be thankful that we have enough to eat.  But, I'm so thankful that I serve a God who created LOTS of different foods that can bring us pleasure.  We're not in a manna world anymore.  We have a variety to choose from and to delight in.

That's true in so many areas.  I'm beyond thankful that I live today.  I love skype and social media and cell phones and apps and email and allllllllll the ways I can keep in touch with my people- who I'm probably not taking the time to tell I appreciate them!  But I do!  I love my people!

3.  I wake up better.

Praise Jesus, I've never really struggled with insomnia.  I'm on the side of the spectrum that takes 5 minutes or less (normally way less) to fall asleep.  So, joy hasn't helped me sleep better.  It has, however, allowed me to wake up better.  Since March of 2007, I've woken up with a pit in my stomach.  Sometimes it's a big pit.  Sometimes, it's much smaller.  Now, it's nowhere to be found.  Or, if it does show up, joy makes it easier to be rid of it.  Joy allows me to believe that today will have value.  It tells me that the creator of the universe has today in His hand, so I have nothing to try to control.

This new revelation of joy is rocking my world.   None of this positivity comes naturally for me.  I fight for it everyday- and lots of times, I lose.  But, just like saying "no" to constant sugar and saying "yes" to 5 am gym visits is hard and worth it, so is intentionally looking at the world through the eyes of the Father.

To rejoicing and being glad in it,


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