Today, Carson had his first soccer game of this season which, of course, meant that rainy season started.  Fortunately, the game was able to be played.  Carson is the goalie, and I'm fairly certain that this was the best game of his career.  He was unbelievable out there.

And, his team lost 0-1.  On a penalty kick.  A penalty kick where he got a hand on the ball.  (you can watch below)

For those of you (us) who aren't soccer people, you should understand that penalty kicks are difficult to block.  And, according to Carson, this ball's location is the trickiest to stop.  After the kick, he turned around and gave me the "this close" signal.  I saw, happily, that he was pleased.  He wasn't beating himself up for the miss that ultimately cost his team the game.  He was pleased that he got so close.

You know me.  The whole situation has left me all ponder-y.

You know what I learned?  That sometimes you do "everything" right and still fail.  Sometimes, you just don't win.

Now, I'm fairly confident this is a revelation to no one.  I didn't claim to have a revelation-y blog- just a ponder-y one.

It seems so obvious with a child's sporting event.  We make the affirmations to kids without thinking about it:

"It's a team sport. It's not all your fault."

"You did your best. That's all you can control."

"No one expects you to be perfect."

"Learn from this place, but don't dwell on it."

"You'll get them the next time."

"It doesn't matter if you win or lose; I'm proud of you."

How often do we take the time to tell ourselves these truths?  How quick are we to see failure?

As I wrote out those affirmations, I wonder if there isn't a bigger question.

Do we realize that God speaks the same truth affirmations over us?

He doesn't hold us responsible for everything or everyone.

He knows I can't be perfect- that's what makes me need Him.

He wants me to be walking toward holiness.  He wants me to learn as I walk.  But, He's told me there is no condemnation in Him.

He doesn't quit on me just because of my failures or mistakes.  He'll give me plenty of opportunities to get it right.

And, ultimately, He delights in me because I'm running after Him.  Even if I trip and fall and make a fool out of everything, He still loves me desperately.

Someday, I'd love to be half the athlete Carson already is.  I'd also like to be half the musician.  Or academic.  But,if someday never gets here, I still have a heavenly Father (and an earthly one) Who is pretty proud of me.  That'll do.

Because tomorrow is another day with fresh mercies,


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