Of Course.

Subtitle: We actually are moving.

But, not out of Panama.

We found out yesterday that our landlord is selling our apartment.

Now, we get to move out by July 31.

We found this out exactly 5 minutes after we determined our plans for the summer.

So, we need to move out before June 23 when we leave for the US.

2 months.  To find a place, pack our place, move, unpack.

Ok, Jesus, I get that you want us in constant flux.  Can I get a hint at what you want me to learn?

I understand this isn't a crisis.

It's just more limbo.  More upset in our very unsettled life.

If I were a holier person, I'd come up with some spiritual metaphor for this whole adventure.  I'd connect it to Good Friday, the death on the cross, the 3 days of despair.  I'd see that I'm simply in darkness waiting for the light of Resurrection Sunday.

Instead, I'm sick over closet space and pools.

*And I know You are loving me where I am because that's Who You are.*

Until I get over my pity party,


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