Prepare Yourself

Because when you tell Jesus that you're going to focus on living a life marked with joy and delight, Satan will test your resolve.

He'll announce that your landlord is selling your apartment.

He'll throw out your back to the point that you can't walk correctly.

He'll break your hot-water heater so that you take cold showers.  And, then it will break again the same day it's fixed.

He'll make sure that your work computer is on the fritz.

He'll even go so far as to have your contact get stuck WAY up in your eye lid so that your 14-year-old will have to fish it out for you.

But, I'm choosing joy.

I got to go for a run with my husband.

I was able to teach my classes day.

My kids all made it home safely.

We got to hear Coralynn laugh that deep laugh of joy.

Carson has been in the purest happy mood that I've seen him in years.

And, ultimately, the risen Jesus in on the throne.  He's already won the victory; I'm just navigating Satan's retreating attacks.  Even that I'm not doing alone.

It's Monday night.  The Monday night after our week of Spring Break.  And, I have joy.

Pray for me and I'll pray for you,


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