Day 26.


Years ago, probably 5-6 years ago, Chloe and my Dad decided they were twins.  I don't remember all the details surrounding that decision, but they've been "twins" ever since.  As a fifth grader, Chloe is part of her school's chapel service.  She is on drama team right now, and she's been asking me to go see her.  I was finally able to make it today.  I could not have picked a better day.  They were learning John 5 about the disabled man by the pool.  After Miss Spencer (formerly bestest 4th grade teacher, now bestest interim children's director) finished speaking, she had the drama team come up.  Chloe and two other children walked up, put on their costumes, and turned around facing the audience.

And there she was.  In her full bearded perfection.  And she and my Dad were twins.  Finally.  I was laughing and crying at the same time.  I'm not sure I even heard much of what she said.  I was completely overwhelmed with the beard.  Chloe and my Dad.  Two of the deepest pools of love I have belong to those two.  My twins. 


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