Day 23.

Looking lousy.  Feeling great.

Today's 5k plan was to run 3 miles at a comfortable pace.  Normally, I run my comfortable runs at a 10 minute mile.  I was feeling so amazing during the run that I decided to run the full 5k (3.1).  After 2.6 miles of 10-minute miles, I ran the last half mile in 4:01.  That gave me a 5k time of 30:01 which is my personal best!  (But the ugg at being so close to going sub 30:00 is there, too!)  I feel AMAZING!1


Mama Crizon said…
Wow, that is awesome!!!! So I spent the day eating Chocolate Chip pookie, and you ran a 5k.....hhhmmmmm. :-)
panaMOM said…
From one of the fittest people I know!! How did you like the piookie??

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