Day 25.

Bits Cam.

Ok.  So, now I'm behind on pictures, and it is irritating me.  We're going to catch up today!  Carson had another basketball game on Monday.  They lost.  The other team cheated.  Lots of whining, but not from Carson.  He just likes to get to play.  Unfortunately, someone said something unkind to him, and now, he doesn't think he's good enough to be on the team.   Carson lacking confidence is certainly a different kind of Carson than we're used to, but we're confident the phase will end soon! 

This picture is courtesy of Coralynn who is incapable of remaining seated for the entire game.  Or the entire quarter.  Or really even an entire minute.  In an attempt to keep her off the court, I gave her my old camera to play with.  This is her best shot! 


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