Day 18.

Family time.

Finally.  I feel like I haven't had anytime to spend with the kids and Tony lately.  We've been too busy, and we needed to reconnect.  Normally, that would be a weekend thing, but it just didn't happen this week.  I decided to "splurge" and do a game night on a weekday.  Super Mario Bros. fit the bill.  I love that we are working together to beat this game- though I'm not sure it will ever happen!  (and the video game people out there will quickly realize that this picture is staged.  We're still on the opening screen.  I needed someone to take the picture, but we all wanted Tony to play, too, so we had to do the staged shot.  The fun is real.)


lizbeth321 said…
Charlotte makes it through the game as a bubble!! LOL Bruce and I are not Mario experts but we have beat the game and can offer any counsel that you need to continue your family fun! ;-)

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