Day 14.


I couldn't pick just one picture.  I've had an exceptionally hard week.  Sometimes, I think my kids don't feel my stress.  I'm wrong.  Today, we had "Coralynn school" at our house.  It was a GREAT time!  I quickly put Bits in bed after telling my guests goodbye and starting to tutor my 2 students.  Normally, she wakes up about 2:35 as I'm preparing to wake her up to get the big kids from school.  Not today.  I went in her room at 2:40, and she didn't move.  I went and got my camera assuming she would wake up.  Nope.  Sound asleep.  I took about 10 pictures, incuding camera setting changes, and she still didn't move.  Exhausted.  We are BOTH so thankful it is Friday!


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