Day 22.

Track Meet.

Today, we went to Carson's first track meet.  It was hot, humid, and so much fun.  Carson competed in the 60 meter dash, the softball thrown, and a 4x50 relay.  He did fine, and his relay team earned a third-place medal. 

My favorite part was realizing that I love being the mother of a son.

My girls are SO much easier.  SO much.
My life would be smooth and tranquil with just these three girls, BUT, I love the intensity Carson brings.

I love his competitive nature.  I do love his athletic ability and how important sports are to him.   I love being in the bleachers screaming my head off for him.  I love that my daughters get to stand with me and yell for their brother.

 I just love it.
I certainly didn't consider myself a "boy mom" (clearly God didn't either), but I have, just recently, fallen madly in love with this guy in a different way than I could ever love my girls.

And, I've begun to relish my role as "Soccer Mom."

So thankful for my Little Man!


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