Three-thing Thursday!

What's today's thing?  The three living people I'd most like to meet.

1.  Michael Card.

I've mentioned before that Michael Card's lyrics have been life changers for me.  I LOVE his music.  I LOVE his books.  I'm a full-blown groupie.  I first came into knowledge of Michael Card in the summer of 1998 while doing a summer missionary internship.  Almost everything has changed in my spiritual life since 1998, but Michael Card still refocuses my heart like none other.

2.  Sam Waterston.

Okay, so he's 38 years my senior and he's not really Jack McCoy, but I have a thing for Sam Waterston.  I can't explain it.  I just do.

3.  Marcus Samuelsson.

I had to include a chef.  I love cooking.  LOVE it.  Cooking gets all my creative energy out without creating a useless mess or a scrapbook.  There had to be a chef.  Beyond being a chef, Marcus Samuelsson fulfills another love (or desire) of mine- adoption.  He was born in Ethiopia, but was adopted and raised in Sweden.  Enjoying a Marcus Sameulsson meal while chatting with him about his story, I can't imagine a better time.


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