A Special Moment.

Camilla told me a few months before we left for vacation that she wanted to get earrings.  I told her we'd wait until we were in the States.  She seemed pleased with that plan, and I believed she wouldn't mention it again.  I was wrong, and I should have known better.  Once this child gets something in her mind, it isn't leaving!  So sweet and so strong willed!

I did manage to forget about it until we were heading to Atlanta for our "girls trip."  Chloe mentioned that Camilla could get them pierced.  We all decided that sounded like a good idea.  Except for Camilla.  She wanted to wait until Grandma could be there.  I thought she'd change her mind.  Again, I was wrong.

I found a place in the mall to do them, but Camilla completely refused.  She wanted to wait for Grandma to be there.  Fine.  I told her we would go in Illinois, but I assumed she was balking.  Wrong.   Clearly, I'm a slow learner.

On Tuesday while we were in Illinois, all the girls went for haircuts.  Well, Coralynn went down for a nap.  I expected the haircuts to take about 90 minutes, but we got done much more quickly than that.  I asked Camilla if she'd like to go get her ears pierced.  She said, "yes."  We headed to the mall.  And, I expected her to back out. 

I know.  I'm the only person not getting that she's actually going to get these ears of hers pierced.  After picking the most expensive starter set- she is my child- she climbed up into the chair for the employees to pierce her ears.

Getting ready.

Not looking so confident.

Being brave.


"Serious Ouch!"

All done, but not loving them, yet!



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