Chloe Turns 10!!

Chloe was so excited to not only turn "double digits," but also to be in Illinois for her birthday.  My Mom had the great idea of renting out the public pool for her birthday.  Chloe was THRILLED with the idea and with being able to have cousins at her party!

Chloe loves all things lime green, teal blue, and peace signs so these were the perfect cupcakes!

The shallow end of the gorgeous pool.

The deep end of the pool.

Chloe and cousin, Brooke.

Water slide!

Tony with Bitty Fish, Coralynn Mae.  She LOVES the water and LOVED that she could play on her own in so much of the pool.

Boy cousins playing on the little slide.

Cupcake time!

Chloe hasn't had a party with cousins since she turned 5, and we hadn't seen them since the Summer of 2008!

Tony's sister, Tricia, and her husband, Mike.
Tony's brother, Torrey and his wife, Shelley.
Tony and me.

The whole group:
Tricia and Mike and their 4 kids.
Torrey and Shelley and their 3 kids.
Tony's parents.
My Mom and Dad.
My Mom's brother, Uncle Steve.
My Mom's parents, Papa and Dorothy.

Thank you so much to my parents for hosting this wonderful party.  Chloe kept saying how thankful she was for "the best party ever!"  And we loved getting to spend time with family we hadn't seen in too long.

Happy 10th Birthday, Chloe Marie!
We love you!


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